FINNISH Finnish Basic Course 4 - Suomen kielen peruskurssi 4 (1,5 op)

June 29th – July 17th  9.00-11.30, online

Listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises!

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Aika / Time

29.6.-17.7.2020  klo 9.00-11.30
(29.6., 1.7., 3.7., 7.7., 9.7., 13.7., 15.7. ja 17.7.2020)

June 29th – July 17th  9.00-11.30, on­li­ne
(June 29th, July 1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th, 13th, 15th and 17th)


Kurs­sil­la ke­hi­te­tään osal­lis­tu­jien suo­men kie­len il­mai­su­val­miuk­sia pu­hee­nym­mär­tä­mis-, pu­hu­mis-, lu­ke­mis- ja kir­joit­ta­mis­har­joi­tus­ten avul­la. Kes­kei­set ra­ken­teet: Pas­sii­vin im­per­fek­ti (pos./neg.), mo­ni­kon par­ti­tii­vi, ob­jek­ti.

In this cour­se you will le­arn more comp­lex sen­ten­ce struc­tu­res and inc­re­a­se your skills to the point you can read more de­man­ding texts and car­ry on con­ver­sa­ti­ons on many cur­rent is­su­es. Much of the le­ar­ning hap­pe­ned through lis­te­ning, spe­a­king, re­a­ding and wri­ting exer­ci­ses, so you will mas­ter new gram­ma­ti­cal struc­tu­res, inc­lu­ding pas­si­ve (im­per­fect, pos./neg.), par­ti­ti­ve plu­ral, plu­ral case en­dings and ob­ject.

Opettaja / Teacher

Eli­na Hei­ma­la

Hinta / Course fee

120 €

Osal­lis­tu­mis­mak­su kat­taa ope­tuk­sen ja ma­te­ri­aa­lin. /  The cour­se fee inc­lu­des te­ac­hing and stu­dying ma­te­ri­al.

For furt­her in­for­ma­ti­on, ple­a­se con­tact the Snell­ma­nE­DU of­fi­ce, tel. +358 (0)44 7462840 or asi­a­kas­pal­ve­lu[at]snell­ma­ne­
Lisä­tie­to­ja Snell­ma­nE­DUn toi­mis­tos­ta +358 (0)44 7462840 tai asi­a­kas­pal­ve­lu[at]snell­ma­ne­

The last day to can­cel wit­hout paying is June 18th 2020.
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